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About Me

Your Trusted Forester Expert in Gainesville

With over 33 years of forestry experience, I am proud to introduce Crosby Forestry & GIS Services, LLC. As a Society of American Foresters Certified Forester, an American Tree Farm System Certified Tree Farm Inspector, and a recipient of the esteemed C. Huxley Coulter award from the Florida Division of the Society of American Foresters in 2022, I bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to the world of forestry and GIS services.

My mission is clear: to assist private landowners in preserving their forestland as forests amidst the rapid development that is encroaching on Florida's precious natural landscapes. I recognize the multitude of ecosystem services that forests provide, from clean air and water to wildlife habitat and carbon sequestration, and I am determined to ensure that these vital resources are conserved for generations to come.

My specialized focus is on assisting smaller-acreage private forest landowners, typically those with less than approximately 100 acres of land. I understand the unique needs and challenges that these landowners face, and I am dedicated to helping them manage their forested properties effectively.

I am passionate about assisting forest landowners in turning their land into thriving forests and, when the time is right, converting those forests into valuable assets. My approach is rooted in a stewardship ethic that prioritizes sustainable outcomes, ensuring that forestland remains ecologically healthy, economically viable, and socially responsible.

The journey of Crosby Forestry & GIS Services, LLC began with a recognition of the need for forest management services tailored to small, non-industrial, private forest landowners. It started as a vision—a vision of providing personal, hands-on service and applying cutting-edge solutions to address the unique challenges faced by smaller landowners. With a profound commitment to this vision and a wealth of skills acquired through years of professional experience, I established Crosby Forestry & GIS Services LLC. Today, this company stands as a testament to my dedication to serving landowners, conserving forests, and fostering sustainable practices.

At Crosby Forestry & GIS Services, LLC, I am not just a company; I am a steward of the land, dedicated to helping you protect and maximize the potential of your forested property. Contact me today at (352) 275-4332 to embark on a journey towards sustainable forest management and the preservation of Florida's forests for future generations.

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