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About Me

Over 33 Years of Experience at Your Disposal

My services encompass various aspects of forestry and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, each aimed at enhancing the value, sustainability, and ecological health of forested lands. Whether you are a private landowner, a timber investor, or part of an organization dedicated to conservation and responsible land management, my expertise is at your disposal. From conducting detailed forest inventory assessments and precise soil mapping to identifying and controlling invasive plant species, my goal is to provide you with the information and tools you need to make informed decisions. I guide you through the timber sales process, from appraisal to harvest management, ensuring that your forest resources are optimized for economic and ecological benefit.
For landowners looking to rejuvenate their forests or enhance biodiversity, I offer reforestation services and the development of forestry management plans tailored to your specific objectives. My expertise in tract and stand mapping, along with user-friendly GIS maps, empowers you with essential data for effective land management.

For those interested in demonstrating their commitment to responsible land management, I assist in achieving Tree Farm Certification. Additionally, I offer services for ecological habitat assessment and mapping, providing valuable insights into biodiversity and land management strategies.

Whether you are planning controlled burns for ecological restoration, habitat enhancement, or wildfire risk reduction, my assessment and planning services ensure safety and success. At Crosby Forestry & GIS Services, LLC, I am dedicated to preserving and conserving forested lands in Florida and beyond. My mission is to empower landowners to make informed decisions, promote responsible land stewardship, and protect the invaluable ecosystem services that forests provide.

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